Music to make you live in the moment

In our Coral Beach Sundown Events 2021 blog post, we have briefly mentioned our sound concept, today we want to give you a deeper insight into our philosophy and our idea.

We will explain to you, how we want to ensure your perfect day at the beach, by creating an environment of relief and comfort, using the harmonies and chilled out beats of electronic music, provided by our partner Ibiza Live Radio.

The magic of the White Isle

There is probably no other place on earth, that is more associated with beach clubs than the Spanish Island of Ibiza. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, endless pine trees, a strong spirit of freedom and a magical energy, that attracts Millions of people every year.

In the 1960’s, the small idyllic Island became home for thousands of free spirits and Hippies from all over the world, seeking for freedom and self-determination.

Since then, innumerous artists of all kinds pilgrim to the, so called White Isle, each year, getting inspired and setting new trends for the whole world.

Coral Beach Club Sundown Party

Since the 1980’s, it is known for endless exzessive beach parties, free souls and the best electronic music, that sets the tone for the rest of the world.

The legendary Cafe Del Mar beach club in San Antonio opened and within a few years the beach club became famous for wonderful sunsets and its extraordinary beach music, that made the Cafe del Mar CD compilations best sellers all over the world.

The sound of Ibiza is synonymous for the perfect beach music and gets spread all over the globe by its DJs and radio stations ever since.

Bringing the Ibiza vibe to Babin Kuk

Our partner Ibiza Live Radio, is one of the most influential radio stations of the island, reaching more than 10 Million listeners in 76 countries. The station was founded in 2013 by Miss Luna, music producer and Ibiza resident for 20 years, together with the iconic New York vocalist Q DeRHINO, the „Voice“ of the station. Being radio hosts on the island for a long time, they wanted to create an own platform for DJs and creative people alike. From there on, the Ibiza Live Radio Family grew organically and consists now of an international team of music professionals.

The station shares the real spirit of Ibiza through music and lifestyle, broadcasting 24/7 on 103.7FM Ibiza & Formentera, online on and the Ilr mobile app. Delivering a selection, ranging from Lounge, Ambient to Deep /Vocal, Tech House and Melodic Techno provided by selected international DJs and labels, including live broadcasts from Ibiza and events all around the globe. The radio cooperates with international beach clubs, clubs, festivals and parades, providing DJs, artists and sound concepts.

Babin Kuk Coral Beach
DJ & guests

Our Music Vison

In 2020 we have redesigned our music concept in cooperation with Ibiza Live Radio ambassador Olivier, aka Blue from the German DJ team Blue & Smallz. Our goal was to create the perfect beach atmosphere throughout the day, combining the unique sound of Ibiza with the dalmatian spirit.

Our residents WHITNY and Blue provide us with the right sound every day, also inviting local and international artists to one of the best beaches in Croatia.

One day at Coral

We are starting the day with relaxed and chilled out lounge tunes, that welcome you at our little beach paradise, giving you some relief, while lying on of our comfortable sunbeds, baldachin beds or loungers.

At 2pm our DJ takes over the decks, playing deep chilled out electronic beats, that make you free your mind, feel good and enjoy yourself. For those, who like to keep it quiet and relaxed for the whole day, our venue has different volume levels on each part of the beach.

The first part is our family friendly small beach, with a comfortable water entrance and less music volume. At our sea side open air restaurant you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, while listening to the music in the background, still being able to watch the DJ spin his records.

At our big beach, we comfort you with a cocktail beach bar and a music volume level, that allows you to lose yourself in the rhythmic percussions and harmonic melodies, either on the beach, or on the dance floor.

You don’t want to miss our Coral Beach Sundown, accompanying one the best sunset views in Dubrovnik with peerless ambient sounds and rousing melodic house beats, creating a magical mystic atmosphere, that closes a great day at the beach. Enjoy either a fancy dinner, a variety of delicious cocktails or an electrifying party night.

Listen to the Coral Beach sound wherever you are

Check out Coral Beach Club  on Soundcloud, where we share updated playlists for each time of the day, including continuous mixes and live recordings of our resident Djs, special guests and artists, that share our musical vision. Just press play and listen to the Coral Beach sound wherever you are. We will keep you posted about our future events, guests and new music, here on our weekly blog, so stay tuned.

DJ Coral Beach Club
DJ Dubrovnik Beach Club