Are you ready for a little adventure? If you are coming to Dubrovnik for more than just a few days, you should definitely explore the beautiful islands nearby. Today we want to introduce you to our favorite 5. All of them are easy to reach by speed boat, ferry or during a comfortable day boat trip including food and refreshments.

In the harbors of Gruž and the old town Dubrovnik, there are several companies offering a large variety of services to explore Croatia, the Adriatic Coast, Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Both are just a few minutes away by from our Beach Club. You can even see some of them lying on our beach at Babin Kuk.

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Lokrum – The cursed island and it’s treasures

We want to start with Lokrum, which is just a short boat ride away from Dubrovnik. You can see this nature reserve when you stand in the port of the old town Dubrovnik looking across the sea.

Lokrum Island Dubrovnik

The history of the island goes back to the first inhabitants in the 11th century, the Saint Benedict monks. According to the legend, they cursed the island right before they were expelled from the island by Napoleon in the 19th century. Throughout the history, it was home for several institutions and families. It brought tragedy to each one of them who used the island for personal pleasure. Since the 20th century it is owned by the government under the condition, to only be used for charity reasons and as a children recreation spot.

Lokrum Mrtvo More

Peacock Island

Nowadays the island’s only inhabitants are the free running peacocks. The spectacular nature, the rocky beaches, fabulous parks, the Game of Thrones center and the Dead Sea, are just some of the things that attract thousands of tourists each year. Make sure to go early in the morning, take a long walk, explore all the hidden parts of Lokrum, take a swim on one of the naturist beaches, but don’t spend the night. The legend says that if you do, you might get cursed too. To get there just jump on a taxi-boat in the Old Town harbor. It only takes 15 minutes and the boats run every half an hour. You should know that you need a ticket, which also includes the entrance to the nature reserve.

Lopud – sandy beach heaven

Lopud is one of only 3 permanent inhabited Islands of the Elaphiti islands. The 14 Croatian Islands are dotted off the cost of Dubrovnik. All of them belonged to Ragusa, the old Dubrovnik republic. Being only 7 nautical miles away from Dubrovnik, it is ideal for a day trip by ferry.

Lopud Beach

It’s probably most famous for its wonderful sandy beaches, but make sure not to only stop at the first one you see, when you go off the boat. Take a 15 minute walk and go to the Šunj bay, a shallow sandy beach and the perfect spot to enjoy some relief on the beach.

More than just beaches

But that’s not it, walking around Lopud you will notice many remains of early-medieval churches, summer manors and fortifications. You can visit the 15th century Franciscan monastery, or the church of Our Lady of Šunj and see many valuable paintings. It’s history might not be as thrilling as the one of Lokrum, but definitely worth finding out more about the former regional centre of the Ragusa republic. You can go there by ferry which takes about 45 minutes.

Lady of Sunj Church

Mljet – one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia

One of the largest islands sailing the Croatian Adriatic is Mljet. it is also one of the greenest island of the country. With its Mediterranean vegetation, clear and clean sea, gentle sandy shoreline and a wealth of underwater sea life, it is very popular among tourists. Since the nature of this island is mostly left untouched, it is simply breathtaking.

A day is not enough

One day might not be enough to experience the total beauty, but for a one-day trip you can explore the National Park and visit the island within the island – St Mary. There are two salted lakes on the island: the Great and Small Lake. In the middle of the Great Lake you can find an old Benedictine monastery. Furthermore, it is one of the favorite swimming spots on Mljet, besides the two sand beaches in the eastern part of the island.

Mljet Island

Popular stopover for sailors

It is also very popular among sailors of all kind, being well known for its excellent fish restaurants, delicious red & whit wines, olives and goat cheese. Moreover, anchorage is allowed around the island.

Mljet island nature park

Korčula – Home of Marco Polo

Korcula is the sixth largest Adriatic island and is believed to be the homeland of Marco Polo, the worldwide known traveler and explorer. Therefore, the museum dedicated to his life and work, is one of many must-see places on the island. While the south side of the island has many small beaches, over 200 caves and fascinating small villages, the City of Korčula is its historical centre. Its architecture and thick walls reminiscent of Dubrovnik are definitely worth a visit.

Korcula Island

Sandy beaches, history and more

Another highlight of the island is Lumbarda, a small place known for sandy beaches, archaeological findings of Greek and Roman colonization, but also famous for its vineyards. So make sure to not leave the island without trying at least some of the popular vines.

Lumbarda Plaza Przina Andrija_Carli

Šipan – the perfect summer residency

The largest island in the Elaphiti archipelago is Šipan. It is just a one hour trip away from the old town Dubrovnik and full of various myths and legends, since it was a very popular spot as a summer residency among noble families from Dubrovnik in ancient times.

Sipan Island

Sight seeing and more

If you’re up for a little bit of sightseeing, you can visit two of its main villages: Šipanska luka and Suđurađ. There are many architectural monuments from the Middle Ages, such as 11th century Church of St John with its frescas and the Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit.
For those who are seeking some peace and relief, it is ideal to spend the perfect day the beach, since it is not a major tourist spot and less crowded.

BOWA Dubrovnik

When you’re visiting Sipan, make sure to not miss out on the sensational BOWA restaurant that leaves breathless both local and foreign guests. Located in a small bay, only reachable by boat.

We hope that we were able to make you a little bit more curious about the beautiful islands surrounding Dubrovnik and maybe you have found one more reason to visit the Pearl of the Adriatic next summer, besides enjoying yourself at Coral Beach Club. Here, on our weekly blog, we will give you some more insights, suggestions and of course information about us and our services.