General Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are the basis for all reservations and bookings as well as for all objects procured by us.

1. Reservation

The reservation between you and “The Coral d.o.o.” or their representatives come into effect with your electronic agreement. We procure or conclude the reservation on behalf of the lessor. By executing the payment, the lessee agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the conclusion of the lease agreement between himself/herself and the lessor “The Coral d.o.o.”. Since the correspondence is generally done via email, all correspondence is valid and legally binding without signature.

2. Payment

Payment is done online via credit card through our secured website.

3. Cancellation and refunds

Bookings come into legal effect through the reception of payment as described in point 2.
In accordance with Article 79. of the Croatian Consumer Protection Act, the customer can cancel the booking in any time but the provider of the service (The Coral d.o.o.) keeps the right not to make the refund but to give the customer alternative solution – providing the voucher for the paid amount. The customer can use the voucher at any time for any other service, after checking the availability on the chosen date with the provider of the service (The Coral d.o.o.).

4. Duration of lease

The duration of the lease terminates on the same day of leasing upon closing time of the Coral Beach Club. Closing times are available at the Coral Beach Club’s website.

5. Maximum number of persons

The maximum number of persons per sunlounger depends on the type of sunlounger. A single sunlounger is limited to one person. A double sunlounger is limited to 2 persons.

6. Inventory

The lessee agrees to treat the lease object and inventory with care. The lessee also agrees to compensate for any damages for which he can be personally held responsible. Damages or complaints should be communicated to the Coral Beach Club staff when these occur or have been noticed, so that these damages can be removed. Please be informed that the towels and mattress protection covers provided by the club are only to be used with regard to the sunloungers. They should not be used to serve as a beach pad nor as a cushion for pets. Sunloungers may only be used when using mattress covers. Using towels as a cover is not allowed. Garden furniture such as chairs, sunloungers, parasols etc. may not be removed from the premises.

7. Liability

a) If for reasons laying outside the company “The Coral d.o.o.” powers a sunlounger may not be available, “The Coral d.o.o.” reserves the right to perform a transfer lease, leasing to the lessee an equivalent sunlounger or to cancel the lease agreement and to refund the amount paid. “The Coral d.o.o.” or their partners may not be held liable for reduction of the lease value by temporary increased noise emission (for example: construction site, traffic detour) or temporary deficiency of household appliances or deficiencies in the water and electricity supply. Other possible claims for damages may only be claimed up to the lease price agreed by contract.
b) “The Coral d.o.o.” cannot be held liable for damages (accidents, losses, delays, etc.)

8. Changes

We reserve the right to change information and prices provided in these Terms and Conditions. “The Coral d.o.o.” reserves the right to adjust prices according to currency fluctuations or changes in currency, even within the context of the Euro crisis.

9. Privacy policy

The company “The Coral d.o.o.” treats customers private data according to current legislation. The data is entered into our electronic system and is not forwarded to third parties. This excludes cases where we are legally obliged to do so.

10. Place of jurisdiction

Terms of use
– Fresh towels as well as a mattress cover are price included
– A waiter will attend to you at your sunlounge.
– Sunlounges will be kept available up to 30 minutes after reservation.
– Fees will not be refunded in case of no-show.
– Fees will not be refunded in case of bad weather.

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