Amazing Summer Season at Coral Beach Club Dubrovnik

We couldn’t wish for a better way to close a more than amazing summer season with sunny days round-the-clock, great people, breathtaking sunsets and unforgettable parties. Since our opening in June we have been blessed with the perfect beach weather throughout the whole summer. Every day without exception, we have been able to comfort you with fresh food, cold drinks and chilled out electronic beats at the best beach in Dubrovnik.

Summer season closing

Our partner Ibiza Live Radio provided us with various international djs who created an unique and relaxed vibe, reaching its climax in an memorable closing celebration on the last weekend of September.

It was another beautiful day at the beach in Dubrovnik, the sun was shining bright and our resident dj Blue from „Blue & Smallz“ was heating up the atmosphere playing a spontaneous back to back set with the Manchester based artist MASKERY, when a major surprise overwhelmed our guests.

International electronic music superstars Solardo and Max Chapman walked down our stairs and grooved their way through to the dj booth to take over the decks. It didn’t even take one track until even families with kids couldn’t resist and started dancing on the beach, the dance floor and the speakers.

Being in town for their yearly Higher Croatia festival at Culture Club Revelin that lasts 4 days and welcomes more 20 international renowned artists, they visited us to enjoy a few hours at our beach club and just felt in love with it.

It was the perfect match, we were celebrating our summer closing, the weather was awesome, the people were in a great mood and Solardo and Max Chapman just nailed it.

We had the pleasure to enjoy a stirring musical journey of two great artists, enjoying themselves doing what they love, perfectly catching up the ambience. Even people who were not into electronic music at all and who didn’t know how fortunate they were, could tell that they are witnessing something special. For the whole season it was our aim to create an atmosphere of relief, peace and joy for our customers.

Thanks to our staff, their effort, our resident djs WHITNY & Blue with their harmonic sound and all the great artists that visited us this past summer, we have succeeded in that task.

If you want to have the Coral Beach music experience at home or on the road, check out our new Soundcloud page with regularly updated playlists for each time of the day, containing dj sets of the artists that played at Coral Beach last summer and artists who share our vibe.

Coral Beach Club waiter

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