Lounge ONE

750.00 1,500.00 

Lean back and enjoy the Coral Beach chill out vibe, right next to the beach and our footbridge water entrance with a wonderful sea view. A variety of water sports activities on our small beach and our sea side restaurant are just a few steps away.

You can choose between half of a lounge suitable for up to 5 people or a full lounge for up to 10 people.
However, please note that you will only need to pay the minimum spending amount upfront, which covers your food and drink consumption while you relax in your private lounge.
We also highly recommend booking an additional VIP LOUNGE DOUBLE SUNBED to be even closer to the sea and enjoy some relaxed sunbathing, in addition to the lounge that is covered.

Please check bellow in the “Frequently Bought Together” section for the VIP Lounge Double Sunbeds & VIP Lounge Baldachin.

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