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Dubrovnik Old Town

Old Town

Step into a world of historical splendor at Dubrovnik’s Old Town, a short journey from Coral Beach Club. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a mosaic of ancient streets, baroque buildings, and vibrant culture. Spend your day wandering through history, then retreat to the modern luxury and comfort of the Coral Beach Club.
The Old Town of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a breathtaking tapestry of history and culture.
Enclosed within ancient city walls, this historic heart of Dubrovnik is a testament to architectural brilliance and maritime influence. Its cobblestone streets and baroque buildings, such as the stunning Sponza Palace and the iconic St. Blaise Church, tell stories of a rich past. Visitors are enchanted by its well-preserved structures and the vibrant Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main thoroughfare. The Old Town is not just a relic of history but a lively center of Croatian culture, bustling with cafes, shops, and art, all contributing to its timeless charm.


In collaboration with Valamar, Coral Beach Club elevates your stay to new heights of luxury and comfort. Our partnership with Valamar, known for their excellence in hospitality, ensures that every aspect of your stay is impeccable. From exquisite rooms to personalized services, experience the epitome of luxury at our club. Valamar is a prominent hospitality company known for its commitment to providing high-quality accommodations and services. They operate a range of hotels, resorts, and camping sites, primarily in Croatia.
Valamar is recognized for its dedication to enhancing the guest experience through luxurious facilities, exceptional service, and a focus on catering to diverse traveler needs. Their properties are situated in some of the most attractive destinations, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and a variety of recreational activities. Valamar’s offerings embody a blend of comfort, elegance, and a deep understanding of hospitality excellence.

Coral Beach Club

Indulge in luxury and tranquility at our exclusive resort. Situated in a beautiful location, Coral Beach Club combines stunning natural surroundings with top-quality amenities for an unforgettable stay. Our resort is a haven of luxury and calm, providing guests with a sublime retreat surrounded by natural beauty. With world-class facilities, elegant lounges and sunbeds, and breathtaking views, every moment of your stay will be exceptional. From peaceful beaches to lush landscapes, our resort is a paradise for those looking to relax and indulge in a stunning environment.

The legend of Babin Kuk

The legend of
Babin Kuk

The legend of Babin Kuk, a prominent area in Dubrovnik, is steeped in local lore and history. This region, known for its natural beauty and strategic location, has been the subject of various tales and folklore over the centuries. The stories often revolve around its unique geographical features and historical significance, blending elements of mystery and historical facts. While specific details of the legend can vary, it typically reflects the rich cultural heritage and the intriguing past of the Dubrovnik region, captivating the imagination of both locals and visitors alike.
Immerse yourself in the mystique of Babin Kuk, a location steeped in legend and history. Coral Beach Club is situated in this historic area, known for its captivating stories and breathtaking beauty. We invite you to explore the legends and experience the magic of Babin Kuk, creating your own unforgettable stories along the way.

Perfect spot for an amazing experience

Perfect spot for an amazing experience

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