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Do we need a reservation for a table in the restaurant?2022-06-17T09:54:59+02:00

It is better to reserve a table, especially in the high season from July to September. Reserve your table here: https://coral-beach-club.com/table-reservations/

How can I book a sun bed or Baldachin?2022-06-17T09:55:57+02:00

Sun bed and Baldachin bookings are only possible online and at least 24 hours ahead. Here is the link to our booking page: https://coral-beach-club.com/product/sunbeds-booking/

Is it possible to book a sun bed or Baldachin less than 24 hours ahead?2022-06-17T09:56:27+02:00

No, but we always leave a few beds open for arriving guests, we recommend to arrive before 11am, since they are usually taken afterwards.

Is a double sun bed suitable for one or for two persons?2022-06-17T09:56:53+02:00

Single beds are suitable for one person, double sun beds for two persons.

When does the dj start to play?2022-06-17T09:57:24+02:00

From June on our resident Djs start to play at 3 p.m till open end.

For how long does a sun bed or Baldachin reservation lasts?2022-06-17T09:58:10+02:00

If you book a sun bed or Baldachin bed, it is booked for the whole day.

Is there an entrance fee?2022-06-17T09:58:49+02:00

No, the entrance is free.

Is the venue child and family friendly?2022-06-17T09:59:27+02:00

Yes, we have a quiet child friendly part of the beach with a comfortable water entry and lower music volume.

Do you have parking spaces?2022-06-17T10:00:24+02:00

Yes, we have FREE parking spaces just a few steps away from our venue and and a huge FREE parking space just a few minutes away.

How can I come to the beach?2020-05-19T21:18:38+02:00

You can use public transport (bus) or taxi/Uber. For more information follow this Location. It will explain how to get to the beach from several directions.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-06-17T10:01:00+02:00

You will find our terms and conditions here: https://coral-beach-club.com/terms-and-conditions/

What are your working hours?2020-07-07T10:48:36+02:00

We are open every day from 9 am until midnight, May – September. During the COVID 19 pandemic situation, our working hours are from 10 am – 9 pm.

When your kitchen opens?2020-02-20T10:55:55+01:00

Our kitchen opens at 11 am, and the bar at 9 am.

Do you serve breakfast?2020-02-20T10:56:35+01:00

We serve breakfast on request in advance. Minimal number is 15 people.

How long can we have the sun beds for?2020-02-20T10:57:26+01:00

After you book the sunbeds, you can use them for the whole day.

What is included in sunbed booking?2020-07-07T10:50:52+02:00

Towels, bed sheets and parasol (single and double sunbed). Towels and bedsheet (canopy). Find more info about sunbeds by following this link: Sunbeds booking

Do you have showers and toilets?2020-07-07T10:51:35+02:00

Yes, there are two shower positions in our venue. Toilets are positioned behind the restaurant building.

Do you have lockers?2020-02-20T10:59:45+01:00

We don’t have lockers. You need to carry your personal stuff with you. Coral Beach Club is not responsible for lost items.

Do you have boat access/can we park the boat close to your beach?2020-07-07T10:52:37+02:00

We don’t have a pier at the moment, but you can park your boat closely, using the anchor, and use the tender or a jet sky only to transfer the guests.

Can we pay in euros/British pounds…?2020-02-20T11:00:58+01:00

Our official currency is still KUNA. If you are decide to pay in cash, it has to be in kunas. In case of paying with cards, the payment system allows us to choose the currency you want to be charged with.

Do you serve vegetarian/gluten-free food?2020-02-20T11:01:26+01:00

All of our ingredients (vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish) comes from Croatian farms and are naturally grown. Although our food offer consists of a classic Croatian and Mediterranean dishes, which means lots of meat, fish and, vegetables, a Vegetarian option can be found in à la carte, but when it comes to gluten-free food, it can be only offered in group menus, specially created for events.

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