Friday: 18.08. Saturday: 19.08. Sunday: “OAZA” 20.08.

Playtime: 4pm


Coral Beach Club presents: DAVID HASERT (Like Records / Katermukke) and LALENA (Katermukke).

We proudly present the two well renowned German djs and producers that spread their creative electronic sounds at Clubs & Festivals all across Germany from Cologne to Berlin.

Hasert is well known internationally for his tremendous productions on some of the hottest record labels of the electronic music szene, from chilled out tunes up to floor filllers. They will share their vibes on Friday 18.08. & Saturday 19.08. and they will joyn Dyjak on Sunday 20.08. for our new “OAZA” event. David Hasert is a widely respected artist, live performer and musician. Regarded highly as a key figure in the music scene of Cologne, he is the face of the nightclub Reineke Fuchs. He is responsible for the clubs continuing unique success.

He has developed the club into a cultural hotspot. David is the founder of the hugely successful LIKE Records. A record label which has always sought to breaknew boundaries and cross genres in music. David Hasert was exposed to an eclectic range of music from an early age. His early influences came from awide variety of differing musical influences. His first foray into the music world consisted of playing instruments in various bands. Early success came with the post punk/electro band MALK, which quickly developed into a Myspace phenomenon.

MALK went on to have major label success on various labels including, Motor Music. David carried this early success with him when developing his electronic music project. Seminal releases have appeared on Stil vor Talent, Wolf and Lamb, Beats In Space, DFA, Katermukke, Underyourskin, and KompaktRecords. His 2015 USA tour culminated with him being invited to play at the legendary Burning Man Festival. As a DJ and Live act David Hasert is renowned for delivering a unique experience. Not constrained by genre, heinnately aims to create a soulful, dreamy experience, yet, full of vibrant energy. It’s this unique style that continues to bring him huge success as a DJ and a live performer.

His 2015 USA tour culminated with him being invited to play at the legendary Burning Man Festival. Lena has become a fixture at clubs and bars around Cologne for a few years. In the past few years since herprofile has blossomed with some high profile releases. Her eclectic approach to DJing has certainly caught theear of influencers. However it’s cuts on labels such as LIKE Records, Katermukke, Niconé’s Label Dantze, andLukins that have made waves. Her latest release ‘Beautiful Drugs’ was recently released on the US labelMagican on Duty.

Lena has rightly received plaudits for her DJing and her releases. She has the innate ability to create interesting deep, thought-provoking dance floor fillers. Her DJ sets are equally as absorbing and energizing.

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