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Did you know that you can walk in the footsteps of history while enjoying a delicious cocktail lying on a comfortable sun bed without leaving the relaxed atmosphere of the best beach club in Dubrovnik? Yes, you can!

People coming to Dubrovnik follow the traces of history literally with every step they take. Dubrovnik is a city with a long history which has been reinvented into a modern and bustling Mediterranean center. As the famous poet George Bernard Shaw claimed, it is truly a heaven on Earth.

The glorious history of the city tells a story of a once independent republic which continued to flourish and develop through history. High and magnificent walls surrounding the city date to the medieval period, protecting this Mediterranean jewel and its harbor. To this day it stands proud, preserving and cherishing the historical value and the unique atmosphere.

Located at the southernmost tip of Croatia, Dubrovnik is the capital of the entire Dubrovnik Neretva County. The name of the city is derived from the old Slavic word for the oak tree, which is often found in the surrounding areas. According to the latest census, on the area of approximately 143 square kilometers, there are more than 40,000 citizens. The city consists out of four districts and a number of smaller villages. The patron saint of Dubrovnik is St. Blaise and the festivity held in his honor, celebrated on February 3, is one of the biggest annual celebrations in Dubrovnik.

Walls of Dubrovnik History
Walls of Dubrovnik Architecture

Although not an independent republic anymore, Dubrovnik is known as the cultural center of Croatia and as a birthplace of numerous prominent Croatian poets, philosophers, artists, painters, sculptors, statesmen and scientists. Their heritage is still visible and even tangible in Dubrovnik, which has helped the city earn the nickname – the Athens of Croatia. These architectural testimonies of the long and significant history are the reasons why a huge number of tourists come to visit Dubrovnik, and why, in 1979, UNESCO protected the old town as a World Heritage Site.

Everyone interested in cultural treasures, monuments, historical and architectural wonders will find pleasure in discovering the impressive history of Dubrovnik. Exploring the old town is only possible by foot, since the entire area is car free. If you are arriving to Dubrovnik from the seaside, the sight of the port of Dubrovnik, surrounded by the city walls, will take your breath away. The Mediterranean ambience is omnipresent in Dubrovnik, it can be found in its architecture, cuisine, and welcoming atmosphere.

Now you are wondering, how you can experience the fascinating history of the area by still enjoying yourself in a beach bar in Dubrovnik? That’s how, the Coral Beach Club is located in the district of Lapad, on the beautiful peninsula of Babin Kuk, which is of particular significance for Dubrovnik’s history.

Babin Kuk Dubrovnik

The city’s history is shaped by its wealth and by the prosperity of its citizens based on their skill as merchants and sailors. For centuries they traded with luxury goods in a smart and successful manner. Their wealth enabled them to maintain Dubrovnik’s independence of the surrounding dominions. Dubrovnik became synonymous with the motto of the city, »freedom, which still can be felt in the flair of the city.

The legend of Babin Kuk says that the sailors’ and merchants’ women stood here in order to wave goodbye to them when they set out to the sea, and to expect them when they returned with new riches. So while relaxing in one of our seaside lounges at one of the best beaches in Croatia you can experience a brief moment of history when you wave to the small ships passing by.

For the ones who seek a little adventure, paddle out of the bay on one of our kayaks or paddle boards and enjoy the same view that sailors and merchants did in ancient times. Take a look at our Activities here:

So wether you are the active history tracer exploring the old town or just someone who is seeking for relief on the best beach in Dubrovnik, its history and legends will find you.

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